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« on: Monday, 14.03.2016, 06:03 »

Hey everyone!

Before creating a thread, please check our Server Rules and check out Public Ban Lists.

If you're banned on our servers, you can just create new topic and briefly describe situation:
1) Your nickname
2) Date and time
3) Server name
4) Link to public banlist, if present

You can leave your comments in the same topic, no need to create another one.

What we accept:

- Good manners and behavior are welcome  :BF-thumbsup:
- You follow all our rules.  :BF-thumbsup:
- You follow instructions from Commander, SL, Admins in game  :BF-thumbsup:
- Any regrets for mistakes you made  :BF-thumbsup:

What we don't:

Trolls, haxors, ignorants --> fuuu :BF-thumbsdown: --->  :BF-devil:  stays banned :BF-devil:

Any serious precedent will be reviewed only with individuals of this precedent.
Appealing would become useful if you able to show real facts and enlighten some details of your situation, try argumenting your words.
And it does seriously matters if you have screenshots, demo recording, etc. It's even better for you.

We're always ready to discussions :-)

Good luck!

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« Reply #1 on: Monday, 02.03.2020, 23:16 »
1) Your nickname: Visit
2) Date and time: 2020-02-24 22:34:37
3) Server name: #1 Allmaps
4) Link to public banlist, if present:

I joined the #1 server at Karkand, played for a few minutes, and was banned. I am hoping for the ban to be revoked so I can try out your server again.