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Forum Rules
« on: Saturday, 30.04.2016, 16:38 »

We hope that you are completely familiar with the following rules and regulations.
If you agree with them - take agreement underwritten.

Please read our forum rules.

1.  General provisions.

1.1 T~GAMER is a private gaming portal providing free gaming and information services .
1.2 Forum T~GAMER is designed for guests, visitors and friends of the gaming portal T~GAMER.
1.3 Services , information as well as the resource itself is provided as is without warranty of any kind.
1.4 On the resource T~GAMER allowed to use English and Russian languages.
1.5 For full access to our website you have to register.
1.6 Moderators and Administrators are the authorized representatives of the portal and resource.
1.7 The owner and founder of the portal is its Administration.
1.8 These rules can not contradict the current legislation of Russian Federation.

2.  Registration.

2.1 Registration on our forums is free.
2.2 Registration is permitted for persons under 16 years of age. Age 16+ content category.
2.3 Each user registering an account the user is offline , is obliged to accept and abide by these Rules.
2.4 By registering on the resource , you consent to the processing of personal data.
2.5 In case of disagreement with these rules , the participant to register is not allowed.
2.6 If you have problems during registration, please let us know by e-mail webmaster@tgamer.ru
3.  Members.

3.1 Visitors and users who do not have their own account, is a guest on the forum and portal.
3.2 Immediately after registration, the new user is still a guest and have limited access to all available services portal .
3.3 Guests are also considered to be the user whose counter is zero messages.
3.4 All messages from the guests are the primary pre-moderation . They are supported by the moderator manually , in turn.
3.5 User last primary moderated, a full member with full access to all service.The user is assigned a group of " New ".
3.6By increasing the reputation and the number of messages posted, the user receives a new title , and can open previously inaccessible to him sections of the forum.

4.  Behavior.

4.1Respect - this is important! Respect all forum participants and resource.
4.2. Stay positive ! We hope many of you will be able to find friends on the forum, to learn a lot of new and interesting or just happy to spend time here.
4.3. Not allowed disrespectful and abusive behavior on the forum.
4.4. It prohibited the publication of illegal and offensive material.
4.5. It is forbidden to abuse , swearing , mat , defiant behavior.
4.6. It is forbidden to trolling , deliberate humiliation , impairing the dignity of provocation.
4.7. It is forbidden to insult moderators and administrators.

5.  Create a new order.

5.1. When you create a new topic, make sure that this topic has not been discussed on the forum.
5.2. When you create a new topic, make sure that you create it in the appropriate section of the forum. Creation of identical threads in different sections are not welcome.
5.3. When you create a new topic, try to give it a descriptive name that reflects the essence of your question or message.
5.4. Make sure to leave a message had been understood by all the others, as far as possible contain a minimum of grammatical errors and were not overwhelmed by the slang and emoticons.
5.5. The creation by containing offtopic, not suitable for the category section, or non- sense at all .
5.6. The establishment and the political advertising, denigration or humiliation of human dignity, insults visitors and administration.
5.7. The creation topics containing advertising, false information, profane, profanity, insults and appeals and statements that violate current legislation of the Russian Federation .

6.  Messages.

6.1. In published reports follow the authenticity and correctness of their own statements. If you do not know the exact answer or not sure - it is recommended to refrain from answering.
6.2. Post your comments and suggestions on the forum and the site only in a specially created section " The forum and website " , " Contact Us " .
6.3. Place the signature of reasonable size . Allowed to use a font size of not more than the font size used to display text messages .
6.4. The creation of messages containing advertisements.
6.5. The creation of messages containing false information.
6.6. The creation of messages containing information of a political nature .
6.7. The creation of messages containing rude , obscene and abusive remarks .
6.8. The creation of messages containing insults, denigration or belittling human dignity, racism, sexual harassment, propaganda of drugs, potent psychotropic substances, suicides, sexual orientation. In the case in respect of any person, the guest, visitor, member, moderator or administration.
6.9. Prohibited appeals and statements that violate current legislation of the Russian Federation.
6.10. personal messages are not allowed in public forums. For such messages exist Message (PM) - personal messaging system.

7.  Administration.

7.1. The Administration is also the owner of a site T~GAMER.
7.2. Communication with the administration by e-mail : webmaster@tgamer.ru
7.3. The administration has the exclusive rights to any actions that do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation .
7.4. Resource management reserves the exclusive ownership of any information provided on its own resources.
7.5. Administration is the representative and the management structure of the forum, hosted applications, complaints, suggestions, comments, and other communications.
7.6. Administrators and Moderators ensure order in the forum, create new topics, trends, movements and topics, manage important and popular topics, coordinate the activities of all of the resource (in particular users), monitor and prevent any unauthorized activities, the implementation of encouragement-punitive measures.
7.7. The moderator is a user received from the Administration privileges on the forum management, policing and other actions .
7.8 . Each participant offline administration provides security of personal data, the right to anonymity and the right to self-forgetfulness .

8.  The forum shall be prohibited :

8.1. Register meaningless nicknames ( logins ) ( zxcvbnm like ) , used in a nickname ( login ) obscene words , web addresses , e-mail addresses .
8.2. Use avatars with pornographic , obscene , racist and nationalist content.
8.3. Write in CAPITALS , use - = = different decorations - abusing emoticons. Red color is reserved for administrators , and green - for moderators .
8.4. It is forbidden to insult the companions to the dispute and the move to determine the identity , rude .
8.5. Use the BB- tags , HTML- tags that are not available via the buttons on the response page.
8.6. Use the shortcomings and errors in the code of any of the services , apply hack's.
8.7. If you find a bug or shortcomings - report it to the administration email webmaster@tgamer.ru or in any way you can , for example in the feedback section.
8.8. Leave meaningless posts (like zxcvbnm).
8.9. Strictly prohibited advertising in any form.
8.10. Duplication of the existing and creation of multiple identical threads simultaneously.

Administration of the forum and the site is not responsible for the contents of messages published, but it will take all necessary measures to curb the illegal actions of participants of the forum if they are detected. All messages express the views of their authors. Neither the owner nor the developers forum does not bear any responsibility for the published information. Bears direct responsibility author.Resource is not a mass medium and is not subject to registration as a mass media.

Changes and additions to the rules made by the Administration and shall take effect immediately upon publication on the website.

Администрация: webmaster@tgamer.ru